6" Chef's Knife

6" Chef's Knife


* A 6” chef’s knife of 52100 carbon steel with an acid wash to protect the steel and begin the patination process. This one handled in ifit and Gabon ebony with brass liners, copper and brass chevron detailing and brass pins.

Ifit is a beautiful dense wood native only to Guam. It is a highly protected species. I was given a couple of small scraps from a friend who had visited Guam and befriended a local wood carver who was licensed to harvest ifit lumber from fallen trees.

* Sometimes stuff happens. The chevron details on this knife show fine but visible glue joints. There is no spatial gap at these joints, they are epoxy filled and thus not a hygienic issue. Look closely at the first photo and you can see the misbehaving joints. This is a really nice knife (my favorite style and used most often in my kitchen) so after much deliberation I have decided to offer it for sale at the reduced price. In all other manner it is fine and in no way is the performance of the knife compromised.