Kalmus Culinary Knives

Hand Crafted Knives for the Kitchen


Our goal is to make beautiful knives for the kitchen.

Knives that work as they should, are a pleasure to use and a delight to look at.


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The Origin Story

I love great tools. Tools that are well designed and do what they are supposed to do. Tools that feel right in the hand and no matter how old and worn continue to look great. These are the tools I reach for over and over to get the job done.

A few years back, coinciding with contemplating a new career challenge, I began to take over most of the family cooking responsibilities. The first thing I looked to, and were disappointed with were our knives ā€“ cheap to begin with, dull, abused and dangerous - something had to change. And so began the journey to this eventual conclusion ā€“ Kalmus Culinary Knives.

I did some research and realized it was quite doable. I did a lot more research. From my ongoing career as a sculptor (please take a look) I had many of the skills and tools necessary. I took the plunge, spent a couple of years learning, experimenting and refining, burnt a lot of steel and ground a lot of fingers along the way, and the results are on these pages.

And now, give me a large pile of scallions to slice at a jaunty angle and Iā€™m a happy guy.